Delen van artikels

The CETA end game is on! Last Friday in Bratislava, our trade ministers agreed to push through the EU-Canada free trade deal at the EU summit in October.

Our protest has finally opened their eyes about the treaty's inherent risks. But they still believe they can fix everything with some kind of last-minute declaration of doubtful legal value. Should our governments give in to lobby pressure, it will be up to the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to defend the European common good.

This is why we have to step up the pressure and tell our MEPs not to be fooled by worthless cosmetic assurances but instead vote down CETA.

This will be a herculean task, but possible with your help. Via the CETA CHECK tool, tens of thousands have already contacted their MEPs. Together we made sure that lawmakers and the wider public learned about CETA’s risks and threats. We have so far receivedover 1200 answers from MEPs, representing most countries and from all political families. We can use many of these statements to point out why the Parliament should oppose CETA.

We won't stop here though. We are preparing the next stage of the CETA CHECK: It will make it possible for you and every European citizen to pressure your MEPs directly by asking them if they will vote against CETA. To succeed we need a loud campaign with a strong impact!

So please help us to win this fight by supporting the final phase of the CETA CHECK with a donation!

Remember: CETA is just as risky and dangerous as TTIP. It allows foreign investors – including 41.000 US companies registered in Canada –to sue the EU or its member states for protecting their citizens. It gives Canadian and European corporations privileged access to influence EU legislation and regulation. It can also be used to weaken the protection of European consumers, our environment and our social rights.

Your pressure has already led to TTIP's political standstill. Together, we now need to provoke this for CETA. This treaty has already been negotiated and our European leaders seem determined to push it through against all resistance from the people who elected them.

Let's make sure that this does not happen! Please donate so we can enable you and millions of other European citizens to tell their MEPs that we want them to vote against CETA!

The vote on CETA in the European Parliament will be a crucial one. Even though formally the deal needs to be voted in all national parliaments, large parts of it – we do not know yet which ones – are bound to be applied provisionally, i.e. enter into force immediately.

By favouring CETA, our leaders have decided to side with the lobbies and go against the will of the majority of citizens. However, they have not taken into account our compassion and determination - the exactly qualities that can drive CETA off the cliff!

Chip in and help making sure that this autumn will be the "last days of CETA"! 

With lots of thanks for your continued support,

Your Stop TTIP team,
Michael Efler, Dániel Fehér and Stephanie Roth