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Dear friends of the “nototaxhavens” -initiative,
Meanwhile, the “nototaxhavens” website is more than two years old. Thanks to your support, in particular concrete campaigns and petitions have proved to be very successful. That is why we would like to take the opportunity of sincerely thanking you for your past support.

We are 16 organisations, which have jointly borne and supported the various campaigns. We have now decided to stop the campaign “nototaxhavens” and to remove the website from the Internet at the end of 2018.
However, the fight against tax havens is and will remain a major concern to us. Not least with regard to the struggle for the fair distribution of rights to all workers. We will continue the struggle against tax havens in future and we look forward to your support again.

Informations are available at https://www.arbeiterkammer.at

No to Tax Havens is supported by:
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