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Protests broke out two weeks ago in Basra and extended to other provinces, to denounce unemployment, poor public services and widespread government corruption. Iraqi Unions are playing a key role to mobilize against sectarian divisions and corruption.


While thousands of peaceful demonstrators were demanding water, electricity and other essential services, Iraqi security forces have brutally suppressed protestors with live ammunition, tear gas, and water cannon on the crowds, killing 13 people, and arresting 81.


The ITUC affirms its solidarity with the legitimate demands of the protesters and calls on the Iraqi government to put an end to abuses by the security forces against the peaceful demonstrators and demands the release of detainees.


"We stand in full solidarity with the Iraqi unions that are playing a key role in fighting against unemployment, corruption and reject sectarian conflict. The International labour movement should stand by this call for social justice'', says Sharan Burrow, ITUC Secretary General.

Iraq is ranked 4 in the ITUC Global Rights Index: https://survey.ituc-csi.org/Iraq.html


Conference of Iraqi Unions statement: http://admin.industriall-union.org/sites/default/files/uploads/documents/2018/IRAQ/statement_by_the_conference_of_iraqi_federations_and_workers_unions.pdf


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