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Virgin forests are in danger! Vast areas are being logged right now in Romania - against EU law. We must act now if we don’t want to lose Europe’s green lungs.

In just a couple of hours we will meet with the Romanian government and will have a chance to demand that the devastation is stopped immediately!

Save the forests. Sign!

Logging in Romania is out of control — wonderful, untouched forests in national parks, Natura 2000 sites, and buffer zones of UNESCO World Heritage sites are all being logged and lost, both legally and illegally, often with the full permission and support of the Romanian government. [1]

But we can stop it. If we publicise this tragedy all over Europe, the Romanian PM will have to listen. We will deliver the petition to the romanian authorities and, in order to make more noise, also to the European Commission and the European Parliament.

The pressure must come from different countries to show the Romanian PM that the forests belong to everyone. By signing this petition you will contribute to persuading the Romanian authorities to stop the logging.

Sign the petition!

The forests under threat grow in the Carpathian Mountains, Europe’s third longest mountain range. Mixed mountain forests of beech and spruce, and at higher altitudes, coniferous mountain forests with black pines and Alpine meadows - they are home to the EU’s largest and healthiest populations of brown bears, wolves, lynx, chamois and red deer.

The threat comes mainly from Romania’s state funded forestry company, Romsilva, which prioritises logging over conservation and is given full consent by authorities in Bucharest. Biofuels and the timber industry are driving the logging. Many of the biggest international companies benefit from its scale. [2]

We have shown numerous times that we can mobilise to protect natural treasures all over Europe and that saving forests is our priority. We fight for the Kresna gorge in Bulgaria and we massively supported the successful action to save the Białowieża forest in Poland. Not to mention our action to protect the Amazon! [3] So let’s do it again and save the green lungs of Europe.

Save the forests. Sign!

Thank you!
Marta (Warsaw), Olga (Bolonia), Jörg (Lubeck) and the entire WeMove team

PS. Romanian forests are carbon reserves, gene banks, scientific laboratories, oxygen factories and home for numerous threatened species, some found nowhere else on earth. Our generation has the responsibility to save nature for future generations. Sign and save the forests!