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Yes, that is what has happened. Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, wants to prevent the UK Parliament from having the fullest possible discussion on the no-deal Brexit he pursues. He does not want to allow MPs time to find alternatives or to consider how they can stop him. And just to recall that Johnson got his job not through a general election but thanks to the votes of just 92000 people, all of them members of his own Conservative Party. The hard Brexit he seeks was Pnot discussed nor pursued by his party in the referendum in 2016. The consequences could be grave.

Our UK affiliates organising workers in the health sector together with other unions have issued a statement that says that a no-deal Brexit could devastate the National Health Service. They refer to the potentially fatal disruption to the supply of medicines. The unions say that a no-deal Brexit could further compound the staffing crisis in the health service as care workers from the EU are left in limbo and without 100% protection of their rights. They also warn that resources for such vital public services as health care will be at risk if the country sinks into economic decline. The unions are calling on the government to put the no-deal scenario off the table. EPSU will support UK workers and their unions in resisting this coup that is ultimately an attack on workers and democracy by a wealthy and privileged elite.

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