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Last spring, thanks to your support, the European Commission finally decided that palm oil is not a green fuel and should not be promoted as it causes deforestation. As a result, the use of palm oil in diesel will be gradually reduced as of 2023 to disappear from biodiesel in 2030.

This should offer much needed relief to the world’s wildlife and forests.

Despite this great victory the fight for nature and a clean economy is far from being won...

Producers of so-called 'green' fuels, together with the largest polluters on this planet (oil, pesticides, airlines, plastics, etc), are still thriving because they have access to unlimited funds in financial markets.
Believe it or not, given the lack of international standards, polluters are labelled as 'sustainable' by financial players so that their shares and bonds end up in most 'sustainable/green' funds.

The EU is trying to stop this fake-green-funds scandal with a new law that is being discussed NOW.

Join the campaign for a law that builds a truly green economy!