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Statement of trade unions of Czechia, Hungary and Poland supporting the rule of law conditionality in the next budget of the EU

We the undersigned trade unions of Czechia, Hungary and Poland express our deepest concern about deploying the argument of the rule of law to block the agreement on the future Multinational Financial Framework (MFF) and the Recovery Plan.

The rule of law is not a political argument. It is a fundament on which our democracy, trade unions and workers’ rights are based. This is a pillar without which our societies, economies and labour markets cannot function. A principle which guarantees social peace and social dialogue in our countries, Europe and around the globe.

It is not possible to have good wages, and upward social convergence in Europe and our countries without legal stability and transparency provided by the rule of law. We are deeply confused that democratically elected governments are opposing that basic principle.

The future of the European Union is at stake. More than ever, we need to show unity, solidarity and understanding, that decision we make today will have an unprecedented consequence on current and future generations.

Therefore, on behalf of our members and their families we call upon the head of Members States to accept the agreement on the MFF and the Recovery Plan with the proposed reference to the rule of law.

Józef Stredula ČMKOS
Andrzej Radzikowski OPZZ
László Kordás MASZSZ
László Kuti ÉSZT

Bron: https://mailchi.mp/etuc/rule-of-law-budget-condition-backed-by-unions-of-czechia-hungary-poland?e=cb8f55dddf