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Brussels, Friday 11th December 2020 - A last betrayal from Donald Trump, future ex-President of the United States. After having sold Jerusalem to Israel, denied the nuclear disarmament agreements, withdrew the US contribution to the UNESCO, the UNWRA and the WHO, after trying to destroy the Obama Care … Donald Trump, as the absolute sovereign he’s still persuaded to be, now grants sovereignty to Morocco over Western Sahara in return of King Mohammed VI’s treason regarding the Palestinians.

Therefore, M. Netanyahu and the King of Morocco think they move their pawns regarding
their annexationist projects over Palestine and Western Sahara. So MM. Trump, Netanyahu
and Mohammed VI trample on the inalienable and sovereign rights of both people today
militarily occupied, colonized, repressed and deprived from their natural resources.
Due to the UN failures and carelessness to enforce the international right, the right to selfdetermination of both the Western Sahara and Palestinian people, the Front Polisario
recently denounced the peace agreements supervised by the UN with Morocco back in
1991. The Front decided to defend itself by armed struggle as the only way to express the
most legitimate aspirations of the Sahrawi people. It reinforces its right to selfdetermination,
to its freedom and its emancipation hope from colonial powers imposed by Morocco, along with Spain complicity.

In order to guarantee the rights of those people, as well as peace and security in the
Mediterranean area, there is an urgent need for the European countries, concerned about
respecting the international standards, to recognize once and for all the states of Palestine
and Western Sahara, as already did the African Union, the regional reference authority.

Pierre Galand
President of the EUCOCO and of the Belgo-Palestinian Association
European Coordination of support and solidarity to the Sahrawi people
Contact : 0032 2 231 01 74 - Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. - Rue Stevin 115 - 1000 Brussels – Belgium