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12 december 2019 09:00 – 13:30
Category: Evenementen denktank

A systemic crisis permeates our food and agricultural sector. Food, turned into a commodity to generate profit, feeds the pockets of the few rather than the stomachs of the many in a healthy way. Decades of yield maximization and export-oriented monocultures in a globalising economy have broken our food and agricultural chain. Business-as-usual has become impossible.

But the tide is changing. More and more research and policy reports and practices point to a hopeful alternative approach to food and agriculture: Agroecology, as an integrated vision, aims to reconnect soil, plants, animals and humans with the environment. Contemporary and customary practices of collective governance (a.k.a. commons) point to alternative ways to allocate resources, other than for-profit markets and state regulations. More and more cities put this vision in practice in concrete urban food policies. It is now time for a new EU policy that reflects and supports this holistic vision.

Bron, program: https://www.oikos.be/denktank/evenementen-denktank/171-our-future-fair-healthy-food