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15 January - 16 January 2020, International Trade Union House, Boulevard du Roi Albert II, Room B, Brussels, Belgium

Seminar on Strategic Litigation on Occupational Health and Safety
seminar on strategich litigation on osh

The Health and Safety and Working Conditions Unit of the European Trade Union Institute invites you to this seminar.


Although the EU trade union movement still has essential demands for improvement of the EU and national OSH Acquis, the body of regulation on OSH that has been developed at both levels since the EU Framework Directive on Health and Safety at Work of 1989, provides us with the basic principles to properly organize prevention of safety and health hazards.

However, these basic OSH preventive principles are not sufficiently and/or correctly applied, and, whereas strong enforcement bodies could help in this respect, Labor Inspectorates are increasingly understaffed, while at the same time assigned more extensive duties (not being OSH-related) and as a result are not able to sufficiently enforce OSH legislation.

Therefore, judicial enforcement is an alternative worth examining. Going to court can give trade unions the possibility to seek enforcement after all. It can be a strong means of trade union action. If this is done in a strategic manner, beside enforcement, also a clearer and more concretized understanding of the basic preventive principles of the existing OSH Acquis, both at EU and national level, will be achieved, and thereby a basis for its further development (law creation).

This forms the background for the Health and Safety and Working Conditions Unit of ETUI to start a multi-annual project on OSH litigation in the EU and its member states.

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