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Call to all citizens of harbor cities in the EU:

Stop the importation of toxic CETA products
CETA is the first of a series new-generation trade and investment treaties. This one is between the EU and Canada.
Although CETA has to be ratified by 38 parliaments in Europe, it is since September 21 2017 in provisional application.
The most toxic deal in CETA, the State-Investors tribunal ICS, is submitted to a constitutional check by the European Court of Justice.
If one of the 38 parliaments votes against CETA, the entire agreement falls and the EU-commission will have to announce to Canada the end of the treaty.
The provisional application means that products from Canada can be imported in Europe before CETA is ratified. This is very undemocratic and risks to undermine our democratic, social, climate and environmental standards.
The harbor of Ghent - North Sea Port in Belgium has concluded an agreement with the port of Quebec to be candidate for the importation of the 80.000 tons of meat that can enter the European market.

However, there is already an overproduction of meat in Europe. The only goal of this importation is price dumping, to serve the two multinationals that possess 90% of the meat market: Cargill and JBC. They control the meat market and act against the interest of local farmers, climate change and food sovereignty.
The meat will be transported in a deep-frozen state to Europe, in highly polluting cold containers. Hormone control on this meat will be difficult, because in Canada hormone application is ended 6 weeks before the slaughter. This importation might thus be a vicious way to undermine the European standards.
Our citizen initiative in Ghent aims to questioning the local authorities about this irresponsible project. We call for civil disobedience against this meat import in our harbor.
(see f.e:
Because competition between harbors is strong, citizens of all EU harbor cities have to work together. In cooperation with citizens of Amsterdam, we launch this call for civil disobedience in every city where meat or other products ender Europe under the provisional application of CETA.
Our goal is clear: it is not too late to stop CETA !
We ask:
1. To declare your harbor symbolically CETA- an ICS/ISDS-free
2. To block by all means the importation of CETA-meat and other new toxic products from Canada
3. That European authorities are vigilant and control pro-actively new products from Canada since September 2017
You are invited to come to Antwerp on March 29 and 30 2019 to develop this action and to form a citizen chain against these toxic importations.

For more information, contact:
Mirjam van Rijn, Amsterdam (NL)
Marjolein Moeijes, Rotterdam (NL)
Jenna Vergeynst, Raf Verbeke, Gent (B)
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