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Free Mahmoud#FreeMahmoud #FreeThemAll

The arrest of Palestinian activist Mahmoud Nawajaa by Israeli soldiers was a blatant attempt to repress Palestinian activism and persecute him as a leader in the BDS Movement. The non-violent BDS Movement is more powerful than ever – and that's why Israeli officials are cracking down on BDS leaders like Mahmoud.

We demand that Mahmoud Nawajaa be released NOW – and we demand answers about why he was detained in the first place.

Finally, we demand that NOT ONE MORE activist is arrested for speaking up or organizing for Palestinian rights.

Bron: https://act.jewishvoiceforpeace.org/a/free-bds-organizer-mahmoud?emci=fb89ead4-0ad4-ea11-9b05-00155d03bda0&emdi=3f75082e-3ed4-ea11-9b05-00155d03bda0&ceid=328657