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It is my great joy to invite you to be part of a once-in-history celebration of the moment we ban nuclear weapons—a 90 minute live streamed event on 22 January 2021, 9pm CET.

Like the work we have done throughout the world, the big and small victories we have achieved, we will do this together, and we hope you will join our global live event on 22.21 from wherever you are.

This is the day the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons will enter into force. It is a date that should be imprinted in our minds and will be noted in history books — the day we took back the power from those who have chosen terror and the threat of mass murder as the means to security.

Click here to learn how to join and RSVP.

Studio 22.21—Entry into Force Day will be a full-packed live streamed event from Geneva, Switzerland, with guests connecting digitally from all over the world. The event will track the global entry into force of the historic treaty banning nuclear weapons throughout the world’s different time zones, mixing performances, interviews, in-depth analysis and reportages from artists, politicians, academics and activists around the world.

What we achieved together, across generations and nations, is a great victory of the people over those who grip power in all of human history. We have faced down the richest governments, the most destructive militaries the world has ever known. But they are no match for the power of the people united.

Of course this does not mark the end of our 75 year struggle to rid the world of nuclear weapons, but we must mark this historic moment as a springboard. This is a celebration to invigorate our efforts and prepare to take the next steps that will close out this dark chapter in human history.

Beyond celebrating, this event is about stories. It is vital that campaigns like ours share the stories of action and change. Nuclear weapons are not the only or last existential threat humankind faces, and when we jointly build the narrative of our shared movement history we educate current and future generations about how change happens. Telling our stories is giving others tools to mobilize for change.

But if I’m being completely honest — mostly, I want to be with you to celebrate this moment. We cannot all be together in person with the pandemic, but on this historic day we certainly will not be kept apart. Over the past decade I have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with powerful, incredible people from all corners of the world who fill me with hope and joy. Let’s give each other strength at this moment and come together to celebrate this enormous achievement.

We’ve earned it. You have.

Please RSVP and join myself, the ICAN team and our friends and allies across time zones, across history, who made this possible.