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We’re fighting to end extreme poverty - and we won’t stop until Europe steps up and plays its part. Tell EU leaders they have one chance to deliver for our people and our planet. Later this month, the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, will bring together EU leaders for a special meeting on the EU's seven-year budget. In these meetings we need him to ensure that this deal delivers for our planet, people and future.

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We know European leaders listen. Last year ONE supporters helped convince more than 200 European MPs to commit to putting an end to extreme poverty. In order to convince President Michel, let’s send him a strong and bold message from citizens across Europe. Will you help by signing our letter to him?

The letter reads:

Dear President Michel

We are supporters of The ONE Campaign, writing from all parts of the European Union. We know right now you are taking forward negotiations between EU governments on the next long-term budget. This budget will determine whether the EU will rise to the greatest challenges of our generation.

There is overwhelming public support for EU investment in development. 70% of citizens agree that this should be a priority for the EU. Last year over 200 Members of the new European Parliament pledged to use their mandate to help end extreme poverty. Now it’s time for EU leaders to do their part.

We will continue to press our governments to agree to increase the EU’s aid budget to €140 billion over the next 7 years. It is ambitious, but this budget is our ONE chance to end extreme poverty and inequality by 2030, and to tackle the climate crisis before it’s too late.

Your role in securing an agreement is crucial. Please work with EU leaders to find a compromise that increases the EU’s aid budget and delivers for our planet, it’s people and our future.

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We’ll be delivering the signed letter to President Michel in a few weeks time, make sure your name is included.

Michel, we believe in a world that gives everyone the chance to live a life of dignity and opportunity and we don’t have long to make that a reality. Thank you for continuing to fight for a better and brighter future.

Caterina Scuderi, ONE.org