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EU boss Paolo Gentiloni’s job is to make fair rules about tax. So why might he still own shares worth €100,000 in tax-dodging corporation Amazon? [1]

He has FAILED to publish his financial interests - and so has every other EU boss, or Commissioner as they’re officially called.

That’s against the law. [2] It means we don’t know how they might be influenced.

Only one person can make sure the Commissioners obey the law: the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. But so far no one is talking about this scandal -- so it’s easy for her to ignore.

If we sign this petition and send thousands of tweets to von der Leyen now, we can show her this scandal is about to break, and she needs to demand her Commissioners obey the law. Can you sign and send a tweet?

Sign the petition and send a tweet!

These high-powered, highly-paid EU commissioners make decisions that affect all our lives.

But if EU bosses stand to make money when a fossil fuel company opens a new coal mine, or when a tech company dodges tax, they just can’t be trusted.

That’s why we need EU bosses to obey the law - and tell us which companies they invest in. They should have done it on 1 January. So they’re six weeks overdue.

If we win, this is just our foot in the door. If EU bosses publish their financial interests, we’ll be able to expose their links to corporations and demand they work for people, not private profit.

Can you tweet the EU Commission President to remind her that no one is above the law?

Sign the petition and send a tweet!

There’s so much power and potential for European leaders to steer us towards a greener, fairer Europe. But it won’t happen if we let them get away with conflicts of interest.

The Spanish Commissioner Josep Borrell may still be a shareholder in pesticide giant Bayer-Monsanto. The Austrian Johannes Hahn, in charge of the EU budget - which could finance clean air and green energy projects in Europe - has declared shares in an Austrian oil company. [1]

With your signature, and one quick tweet, you’ll add to the storm -- and help break a scandal that’ll force them to come clean.

That’s the power of WeMove Europe, when thousands of us all act together. Can you take action now?

Sign the petition and send a tweet!

[1] The first declarations of financial interests, filed before November 2019, are available here : https://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/en/hearings2019/commission-hearings-2019
[2] According to EU treaties and the Code of Conduct for the Members of the European Commission, "Commissioners and the President of the Commission are obliged to declare their financial interests which could give rise to a conflict of interest. These declarations shall be re-submitted on an annual basis on 1 January." Available at : https://ec.europa.eu/info/about-european-commission/service-standards-and-principles/ethics-and-good-administration/commissioners-and-ethics/code-conduct-members-european-commission_en