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Everyone deserves a home to stay safe

We have a unique opportunity to drastically slow down deforestation. The European Commission wants to hear from you! The EU consultation on imported deforestation is open until December 10, 2020. The clock is ticking!

Precious forests are burned to the ground to make way for soy used in animal feed, or palm oil in countless consumer products. That’s how corporations can connect us all to deforestation. But politicians can break the chain.

As a major consumer market, trading bloc and financial player, the EU has a unique power and the duty to tackle its own consumption and set the rules straight on what products should be allowed on its market. The EU should also lead complementary efforts at global, national and local levels, including securing the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities.

That’s why SumOfUs is joining more than 50 organizations on a European campaign with global impact - #Together4Forests - a once in a lifetime opportunity to weigh in on the EU’s decision and have a say in our planet’s future. Can we count on you?

We are asking the European Commission for a strong law that stops products linked to deforestation from entering the EU market by the end of 2021. This law is now within reach, but we need your support to make it happen. Let the European Commission know you care about our planet and demand a change now! Show your support by filling the form below and click on ACT NOW.

More info and registration - click here -