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21-year-old Palestinian student Mays Abu Ghosh is in an Israeli jail cell and is a victim of torture at the hands of her jailers. Mays, who was arrested for her activism, has been interrogated so violently that her parents could barely recognize her – yet this horrific story is being met with no huge outcry and very little media attention.

On August 29, Mays was arrested in her home during a sweep of Palestinian student activists and detained under ludicrous trumped-up charges.

As a student journalist, Mays has been a vocal advocate of Palestinian rights. Now she’s being tortured for her lifelong resistance to displacement, and being labeled a “major terrorist” for her work organizing with fellow students against Israeli oppression of Palestinians. Her “crimes” include participating in a conference about the Palestinian right of return in Lebanon, and speaking about her late brother on a radio program.

Make no mistake: Mays was jailed for her commitment to justice.

Israel has a long, shameful history of torturing prisoners. Torture is NEVER acceptable. and the public outcry hasn’t been loud enough.

Join us in calling for an END to Israeli torture and for the release of Mays Abu Ghosh and the many others wrongly jailed.

When her parents were finally allowed to visit, Mays was so bruised and visibly wounded she was almost unrecognizable. Her mother couldn’t hug her because her body was in too much pain. It’s heartbreaking to think about and makes my blood boil.

We can’t allow this vile, authoritarian spin on “justice” to continue. Help us ensure Mays’ story is not ignored. Sign our petition to demand freedom for Mays and her fellow detainees, and an end to Israeli torture of Palestinians.